Zacky installatie van je website in een enkele klik

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Zacky tools

Zacky Tools

ZackyTools Installer is een GRATIS installatieprogramma voor softwaretoepassingen dat je krijgt bij elk betaald webhostingplan.

Je kunt één van de volgende softwareproducten met slechts één muisklik installeren: CMS, Websitebouwer, Blog, Discussieraad, eCommerce-oplossingen.



Het idee achter een CMS is om de inhoudbeheerder of de auteur toe te staan om het maken, wijzigen en verwijderen van webinhoud te beheren, zoals computerbestanden, beeld- en audiobestanden, elektronische documenten, enz. Hier is een lijst met verschillende krachtige webinhoudsbeheer tools die geschikt zijn voor zowel beginners als gevorderden om hun webruimte efficiënt te beheren:

Drupal is een gratis softwarepakket waarmee een individu of een community van gebruikers eenvoudig een breed scala aan inhoud op een website kan publiceren, beheren en organiseren. De functionaliteit, gecombineerd met de gratis beschikbare add-on modules, zal vele functies mogelijk maken.
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Joomla is een op maat gemaakte installatietool met één klik en krachtige functies voor contentbeheer. Het ondersteunt tal van diensten zoals documentbeheer, eCommerce-engines, e-mailnieuwsbrieven, forums, blogsoftware, enz.
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TYPO3 is an Enterprise Content Management System. If you need to create, manage and output any kind of digital content, TYPO3 is the right tool for you. You can start small and grow fast, but while your business case might change – you’ll never need to change the Content Management System since TYPO3 adapts to your needs.
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GRAV WordPress is not the ideal CMS for everyone. Saddled with an increasingly large code base, WordPress is always more seen as a clumsy behemoth, inefficient and prone to security hacks. For people with simple sites and blogs, it’s worth considering a different type of CMS altogether, namely, a flat file CMS. Unlike traditional CMS that are database powered (such as WordPress), flat file CMS uses none and instead stores its contents using files instead. A type of architecture with distinct advantages.
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Builderengine is a new content management system that aims to bring together the best of the CMS worlds of open source, enterprise and software as a service (SaaS). We spoke to Chief Executive Officer Keith Killilea, and the first part of our interview with Keith is below.
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Website Builder

It might take you years to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to create a simple web site. If you don’t have the time, energy or money to invest in this process – use Concrete5 and get your multifunctional web site up and running in a few easy steps!

Concrete5 is an open source complete CMS solution that would allow you to build up a site the way you do it with what you see is what you get editor. Concrete5 also provides various of plugins allowing design and functionality scalability to the highest possible extent.
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Web Blog

Web Blog is a website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events or other material such as graphics or video. A typical blog combines texts, images, audio files, links to other pages, etc. You can create quickly and easily your personal weblog with one of the following software products:

WordPress is a precious tool for every beginner that wants to create a personal web blog. It is a personal publishing script that enables you to customize your blog, upload, categorize and tag photos. It has also numerous privacy options, spam protection, etc to get your web blog up and running with minimum effort and no costs.
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Discussion Board

Discussion Board refers to forum or message board. In general it means online discussion site. If you want to share an opinion with the world, you have a brain-teaser or you are simply addict to a particular subject, create quickly and easily your online forum and invite users all over the internet to participate and discuss with you. The following discussion boards are available:

phpBB is a free flat-forum bulletin board software solution that can be used to stay in touch with a group of people or can power your entire website.
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simplemachines is a free flat-forum bulletin board software solution that can be used to stay in touch with a group of people or can power your entire website.
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E-Commerce Solutions / CRM

eCommerce Solution refers to software solutions that help you selling products over Internet. These are but not limited to shopping carts and other additional modules. The following Shopping Carts can be installed FREE and AUTOMATICALLY within any paid web hosting account:

oscommerce is truly open source and free to use under GNU General Public License. Estimated over 260,000 different stores currently operating through the osCommerce platform. It has a large community with hundreds of thousand members among which many developers. There is a popular online forum for help and support.
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vtiger is a complete Open Source on-premise CRM application. Getting started is as easy as downloading the application, installing it on a server, and getting set up. The open source edition is supported by a vibrant community of thousands of businesses, hundreds of thousands of users, and countless developers and partners that helping to shape its direction.
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zencart is an open source eCommerce shopping cart software based on PHP/MySQL. Fully customizable and completely free to download.Earlier it used to be a part of osCommerce but the two companies split in 2003 when Zen Cart wanted to make some major architectural changes to the software. The Zen Cart community is now 160,000 fold. Many of the new development is done by volunteers who are dedicated to maintaining the project.
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Opencart is a famous and free open source shopping cart solution. Designed feature rich, easy to use, search engine friendly and with a visually appealing interface it is a suitable solution for the ones who are looking to set up an online shop at no cost.
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PRESTASHOP is an open-source e-commerce free software for Web 2.0. It is the first E-Commerce project to be granted the Open-Source Award. Looking for a reliable solution for your business. Look no further.
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SuiteCRM is an open source customer relationship management (CRM) application. SuiteCRM forked from SugarCRM Community in 2013.
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Elgg is open source social networking software that provides individuals and organizations with the components needed to create an online social environment. It offers blogging, microblogging, file sharing, networking, groups and a number of other features. It was also the first platform to bring ideas from commercial social networking platforms to educational software.
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mediawiki is a free and open supply code wiki package written in PHP, originally to be used on Wikipedia. it’s currently additionally utilized by many different comes of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and by several different wikis, together with this web site, the house of MediaWiki.
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moodle is a free and ASCII text file learning management system written in PHP and distributed below the wildebeest General Public License. Developed on pedagogic principles, Moodle is employed for intermingled learning, distance education, flipped schoolroom and different e-learning comes in colleges, universities, workplaces and different sectors.
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zenphoto Is a CMS for self-hosted, gallery centered websites. … Zenphoto options support for varied media formats and integrated journal and custom pages. Zenphoto is that the ideal CMS for private websites of illustrators, artists, designers, photographers, filmmakers and musicians.
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